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It can be so intimidating that most women forego writing one altogether.

Don’t let that be you. Skipping your birth plan means that you are skipping the educational aspect of giving birth. You are walking in blind – uniformed – and unprepared for the possibilities that lie ahead.

You may have the birth of your dreams without a birth plan in hand, but if just one domino falls, your birth has the chance of not being what you were hoping for. How does a birth plan change any of that, you ask?

Like most things in life, it isn’t so much about the end result, but the journey to get there. Your birth plan is a culmination of your research; a brief proposal of what you would like, how things should be handled, and how you deserve to be treated.

Before writing your birth plan, tour your birthing facility and schedule a time to talk with your doctor (or practice of doctors), or midwife. You cannot begin this until all of your questions are answered. You need to know what the standard of care is from the moment you enter the facility until the second you are wheeled out. (Are you allowed to walk out? -simple questions like that need to be asked too!)

Once you have a basic timeline of events, you can dig into the research and figure out your priorities. I have yet to ever see two identical birth plans.

Make sure to bring your birth team a copy of your plan after it is written. Pack a few copies in your birth bag and have your partner pull them out upon arrival when you are in labor. Everyone can receive a copy – the doctor, all nurses, anyone who enters the room can be asked to take 2 minutes to ‘Please review my partner’s birth wishes. We would really like to be team through this, and I want her priorities to be known. Thank you!’

Now it’s time to write.

The easier the plan is to read, the higher the chances are that it will be read. There are three basic formats to choose from:

Bullet Points: Simple, brief statements listed under different headings (example: Early Labor, Active Labor, 2nd Stage, 3rd Stage, After Delivery for Mom and Baby)

Chart: Each procedure listed with the mother’s thoughts or wishes next to it, in charted form.

Paragraphs: Harder and longer to read, paragraph format is typically done under headings like bullet points, but contains longer thoughts.

*Remember not to include WHY you are choosing these things, that does not matter. Keep is SIMPLE and include everything important to you.

A birth plan is not written in stone. No matter what though, YOU SHOULD NEVER BE PUSHED OR TALKED INTO ANYTHING. If situations arise, take the time to talk about your options, risks, and make informed decisions.

This is a sample birth plan. Yours will be your own, but feel free to start here and add/delete and alter as you see fit. It is based on a plan for a natural hospital birth without medical intervention. Remember, you may not agree with my plan, but that’s the beauty of it – you get to make your own!


I would like to have an unmedicated, peaceful birth with the help and support of you as my birth team. My partner and I are educated and understand that unexpected situations may arise. If anything occurs, please help us to continue on the most natural path as possible, granting us time to make decisions and supporting us through the process.

In case of emergency, save both mother and baby in any way possible.

*There will be a photographer with us, and she is allowed to stay with us in all situations.

Before Labor:

  • I would like to let labor begin naturally, even past my due date, and do not want any interventions to begin labor.
  • If water breaks before labor begins, I would like 48-72 hours before any interventions are suggested. I agree to have my fluid levels monitored.

Early Labor:

  • If I arrive before active labor has begun, I would like to leave and come back further into labor – even if my water has broken.
  • I deny antibiotics for GBS and will watch for fever and signs of illness after birth.
  • I would prefer no heparin lock be put in place, but will compromise if an IV will not be attached.

Active Labor:

  • My partner will remain with me and be included in all discussions.
  • I would like a peaceful, calm, and intimate environment with minimal interruption.
  • I would like to move freely and labor in any position comfortable.
  • I will eat and drink throughout labor.
  • I would like access to the birthing tub (if available).
  • No cervical checks unless requested.
  • No artificial rupturing of membranes (water breaks naturally or baby is born in the caul).
  • I would like baby’s heartbeat to be monitored intermittently through Doppler or stethoscope. No electronic fetal monitoring, internal monitoring, or wireless monitoring. If continuous monitoring is needed, wireless monitoring will be permitted so I can still walk freely.
  • As long as my baby and I are fine, I would like to be free of time limits and not have my labor augmented.


2nd Stage Labor:

  • No episiotomy unless I am naturally tearing toward my clitoris.
  • No vacuum or forceps. Instead a change of position.
  • I will wait until my body naturally begins pushing before I push.
  • Please do not instruct my pushing, I will listen and aid my body, taking breaks when needed.
  • I do not want to be laying on my back to push.
  • I would like access to the squatting bar and birth stool.
  • I would like to ‘catch’ my baby, or have my partner catch the baby.
  • My partner will announce the baby’s gender.
  • Baby will immediately be placed skin to skin on my chest.
  • We will let the umbilical cord pulse to completion before clamping.

3rd Stage Labor:

  • No medical interventions to birth the placenta.
  • I wish to see the placenta.
  • Placenta will be kept in the provided cooler to be encapsulated.



  • A c-section will only be performed once all options have been exhausted and it is a medical emergency.
  • My partner will remain with me throughout the procedure.
  • I would like to have feeling and the ability to move my arms. (Avoiding general anesthetic.)
  • I would like a family-centered c-section with a clear curtain, mirror, and inclusion in the birth conversation.
  • Baby will be placed directly on my chest with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached to the baby.
  • Take extreme care with incision and sutures to support a future VBAC and more pregnancies.

Following Birth:

  • My partner or child will cut the cord after it has finished pulsing.
  • No separation from baby. Hold off on any newborn checks. Anything needed can be done with baby on my chest.
  • In an emergency, my partner will accompany the baby everywhere needed.
  • Breastfeeding will be attempted before any weighing or measuring takes place.
  • All procedures will be held off until initial bonding has been established.
  • Vernix will be rubbed into the baby’s skin, please do not wash it off.
  • I decline the Vitamin K injection and antibiotic eye ointment.
  • NO VACCINES: I decline the hepB vaccine and any other vaccines or injections offered.
  • DO NOT CIRCUMSIZE if baby is a boy (or a girl).
  • Do not bathe baby.
  • No formula.
  • No Bottles.
  • No pacifiers.
  • I would like a lactation consultant to be available as soon after delivery as possible.