“A successful all natural water birth of a healthy little boy at The Birth Center was my ultimate goal during my pregnancy in December. At 37 weeks I was told my baby was breech and unless I figured out a way to get him to flip into position, I would not be able to deliver there. My midwife had suggested for me to seek assistance from a chiropractor.  After searching around online, I stumbled upon Dr. Brenda Fairchild, who to my surprise specialized in exactly what I was working for! At the end of my first appointment with Dr. Brenda, I knew I made the right choice. After visiting with her I knew that she genuinely cared about me and my baby.  She gave me her personal contact information so I could contact her anytime the day or night.  After three appointments with Dr. Brenda in my 37th week, she had successfully flipped my stubborn baby into the head down position. I continued to see her throughout my 40th week just to make sure he stayed down, which he did.  My delivery was completely different[from first] and I contribute that to the sessions I had with Dr. Brenda. My labor was a breeze!! My contractions were manageable. I pushed for about two contractions until little Bryson was born. Honestly it was painless! I didn’t have any burning or tearing when I delivered him.  I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Brenda!”