“Once I became pregnant in November, 2011 we started to focus on keeping my pelvis from rotating and keeping my back aligned and strong during my pregnancy.  Dr. Brenda recommended exercises I could do during the different trimesters to keep my back and abdominals strong for support but also to keep everything stretched for delivery.  I am very grateful to her for all the care and support she has given me.  I have had none of the horrible back pain my friends of had during their pregnancies and I still feel strong and flexible. I also noticed that I hadn’t had any colds or headaches since I have been under her care which is a blessing when you are pregnant. I look forward to seeing her just to keep everything in shape before delivery.  I would highly recommend Dr. Brenda to anyone going through IVF or a pregnancy.  She truly wants to help and educate you about using chiropractic care to keep you healthy before, during, and after pregnancy. Thanks Dr. Brenda”