“I cannot say enough about Dr. Brenda! I first met her at a County Chamber event where I learned about her specialties in chiropractic care. My husband and I had tried for several years to get pregnant. Six months after a loss we decided to see a reproductive specialist. After many tests, I ended up having to get surgery.  Months had passed and we were still not making progress. Remembering my initial meeting with Dr. Brenda, I made an appointment. I was in the care of her hands and expertise in the months my husband was deployed.

To our surprise, our beautiful baby was conceived the day my husband returned home! I truly believe that Dr. Brenda played a great role in our success. She is well-educated, sensitive, gentle and understanding.

I also turned to Dr. Brenda while I was pregnant to relieve shoulder and pelvic pain.  She made me good as new!

I highly recommend Dr. Brenda to any woman struggling with fertility or who are pregnant and experiencing the aches and pains of your body changing and adjusting (growing).”