“All I can say is Dr. Brenda has seen me through some of the biggest events in my life.  When I first came to Dr. Brenda in October, 2011 I was having pain in my entire back from working in retail.  On my first visit we discussed other concerns and I had mentioned that I was getting ready to start our 2nd  IVF treatment.  She started to explain how chiropractic care can help with preventing illnesses, infertility, pregnancy, and child birth.  It was interesting that she noticed my pelvis was rotating which could present problems during pregnancy and delivery then we discussed how the different back muscles and abdominal muscles work together to support you during pregnancy and how it helps increase blood flow to the uterus. I had never heard that chiropractic care could help with infertility or that you could receive treatments during pregnancy.  Dr. Brenda even discussed the benefits of using acupuncture along with the chiropractic treatments to help with the stress of IVF and also to also help with blood flow to support a pregnancy.”