We put together a specific protocol just for you and you alone, because it’s your journey.

A woman’s fertility is a personal journey that only she can take and understand.

Statistics have shown 10% of women have difficulty conceiving at some point in their life, and at Pea and the Pod Chiropractic we understand and respect each individual journey and path you take.

Chiropractic adjustments are utilized to restore and improve blood and nerve flow to help enhance conception.  In addition to adjustments, we look at what types of foods and drinks are hindering your ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.  We also look at sleep and stress patterns.  Then we do lab work to determine if there is a deficiency in any vitamins or minerals.

Did you know there is such a thing as a WRONG prenatal vitamin? At Pea and the Pod Chiropractic we do a full thyroid and adrenal gland panel (typically not performed in conventional doctor’s offices) to see if these systems are underperforming and thus decreasing your hormones, making it hard for you to conceive.

If you are struggling with fertility, call our Newark, Delaware office at 302.455.PEAS (7327) to schedule an appointment.