The Crunchy Mom’s Hands On Guide To Pregnancy

New Book: The Crunchy Mom’s Hands On Guide To Pregnancy  

The Crunchy Mom’s Hands On Guide To Pregnancy is a ‘refreshing approach to understanding the importance of health during pregnancy.’ Authors Dr. Fairchild and MacDonald utilize the most current research to deliver an easy-to-read reference guide on natural pregnancy and birth. A holistic approach to pregnancy is becoming the desired goal of many mothers today, and education is the key to successfully achieving this goal.

Taking into account how overwhelming the childbirth world is for parents, The Crunchy Mom’s Guide breaks down supplement selection while factoring in such conditions as MTHFR; it includes pregnancy ailments, cravings and nutrition education, exercises to perform, and important choices such as chiropractic care and birth locations. The authors leave nothing out, as the reader will learn about outdated procedures and the newest, most natural approaches toward pregnancy and birth. Every woman trying to conceive or currently pregnant will appreciate the level of detail placed within each chapter. It is a must-read for any mother yearning to make informed and educated decisions on her journey into motherhood.

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