Meet Pea and the Pod Chiropractic

Child receiving adjustment by Dr. Brenda at Delaware chiropractic office, Pea and the Pod Chiropractic

From the moment you arrive you realize you are not in a typical doctor’s office. Pea and the Pod is a chiropractic spa dedicated to women, children, and mothers-to-be. All of our Newark, Delaware chiropractors and staff are women, moms, and grandmothers who understand the demands of today’s woman. Enjoy kid-friendly appointment times in the morning with toys and games, and dedicated afternoon appointment times for the working woman. Enjoy a more peaceful and serene environment while you enjoy your adjustment!

Your ability to transform your health starts here; in our relaxing and calming atmosphere, and that is just the beginning!

Giving Back

As you are healing, you are also giving back to the community. $5.00 for every New Patient Visit and $1.00 for every adjustment or massage is donated to a local charity.

The secret to LIVING is GIVING!

Why We Are Different:

  • Pregnancy, Women’s Health, and Pediatric Specialist
  • Chiropractic tables custom to children and pregnancy
  • Longer appointment times. 15-20 minutes with the doctor in private office
  • Private room for breastfeeding mothers
  • Kid-friendly times in the morning with toys and games
  • Dedicated afternoons to the working woman – enjoy a more peaceful and serene environment while you enjoy your adjustment
  • Lab work assessment through Blood or Saliva
  • Nutrition and supplementation support to fuel the body
  • Personal access to doctors and staff
  • IBCLC on staff for Breastfeeding Counseling
  • Doula and Childbirth Educator on staff for pregnancy questions